How to find the best parking venues near tullamarine

If you are looking to park at the airport when you go on your next trip, bear in mind the ridiculous and exorbitant pricing of the Melbourne Airport Car Park. Sometimes in can cost about $80 just for a day, and if you stay more than 2-3 days you are looking at hundreds of dollars. Be smart and park at one of the facilities near the airport at Tullamarine.

There are dozens of options to choose from. All you need to do is research and get pricing for all the various alternatives. If you want a seamless easy experience, we advise you try United Airport Parking – here is their website link –  They have been around for 20 years and were one of the first airport parking facilities available to travelers. They are the pioneers of this whole “park near the airport for cheap” business – as they were the first to offer this service. You can call them to make a booking or else just go online and reserve your spit. You can also just turn up on the day and find a parking spot.

There are others close by but the cost varies – you may like to try ACE or Andrews, they all offer a similar service but the costing is a bit different and the location you have to park varies. It may even be an option to park and stay aty the Mantra hotel in Tullamarine which is also close by. It is also advised to make sure you get secure, undercover parking. several companies do not offer this option, and your car may be left unsecured, or even be vulnerable to things like hail damage if left out in the open.



Choose wisely, but any alternative is better than parking at the official Melbourne Tullamarine Airport car park. Assess the options and choose the one that suits you, price wise and for convenience. We hope we can help and happy travels!

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