travel safety

Travel Safety Tips

As soon as you leave your car in airport parking, it’s out of your hands. If you followed the safety tips for your car, the next step is safety tips for you. We would like to return your car to you and that means that you need to stay safe in the new city or country you will be visiting. So, we would like to share some travel safety tips to help you enjoy your trip and also return in one piece.


Keep your money and documents safe – When you travel, you have traveller’s cheques, credit cards, your identity document and/or passport, your flight tickets, medical information, etc. These are the things that are valuable and also the things that people would like to take from you. Make sure that you keep these things safe. Leave what you don’t need locked up in your hotel room. Hide what you do need on your person where others cannot see or reach it. You can buy a money belt that straps to your body underneath your clothes. This is the safest option.

Try to blend in with the locals – Granted, this may be difficult if you’re going to a country that is completely different from yours, but most countries have people from every race and country living there. So, what we mean by blending in, is that you should try not to stand out as a tourist that doesn’t know where they are. Use your phone to direct you discreetly instead of a huge map. Try not to carry a camera around your neck like a tourist. Wear normal clothes that don’t draw attention. Learn some of the local languages to help you get around.

Make friends with the people at your hotel – If the hotel staff know who you are, they will notice when you’re gone or when something is wrong. They can also help you learn more about the city or country you are in and direct you to the places you can go and be safe. They will also tell you which places to stay away from. Let the hotel know that you will be gone, where you are going, and what time you intend to be back. If they know this and don’t see you within a reasonable time of your arrival time, they can make alarm if they feel there is a reason to worry.

Plan your trip – Don’t go in blind. It will help if you know which places you want to visit and approximately how to get there. The internet is a wonderful thing and you will find great information. Most countries and cities in the world have websites that are specifically aimed at helping tourists find their way. Use these sites and get in contact with people there in advance. They will give you valuable information and tips.

These simple tips will help you stay safe and unharmed. If you are travelling with someone, share these tips with them. The buddy system is effective everywhere, so use it and protect each other. Don’t be too paranoid. You should enjoy your trip but always be aware of your safety and surroundings.